Boardwalk Bowls


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Ceramic Artist: Lizeldi Loots Ceramics


This is a set of 4 small bowls that were thrown on the potter’s wheel with stoneware clay.

The painterly effect is created by a sgraffito technique where layers of underglaze were painted on top of each other and then scratched off gently with a sharp tool to reveal the different color layers. It is inspired by the lights framing the buildings of the Boardwalk in Port Elizabeth.

The high firing caused the underglazes to crackle which creates this beautiful texture around the bowl. The inside of each bowl is painted with a bright yellow underglaze to represent the cheerfulness of walking around the boardwalk at night and watching the water light show.

The dimensions range from 7 to 9 cm in height and 11 to 13cm in diameter.

The weight varies from 390 to 511grams.

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