Burnished Minoan Horse


Ceramic Artist: Carol Hayward Fell


“Burnished Minoan Horse”


Many of my horses are in some way influenced by the art of ancient civilizations and this horse is no exception.

This sculpture was inspired by Early Greek vase painting and Minoan art, where their love of animals and nature predominates.  It combines the simplicity seen in the depiction of animals in Minoan Art, with the patterns and simple markings seen in Early Geometric Greek vase painting around 800 BC.


The rich lustrous surface of this horse was created by burnishing raw terra-cotta clay to a high sheen and then firing it to a higher-than-normal temperature for terra- cotta clay.

Handmade in high fired terracotta clay (stoneware) with texture and black iron oxide. Terra cotta clay is a clay high in red iron content and is usually associated with  earthenware (low fired) plant containers. By firing to a much higher temperature of around 1220°c, not only does the clay become stronger as it becomes “stoneware”, but the red iron oxide in the clay deepens in colour as the oxide melts. I love this rich deep colour and it works well on my sculptures.

This high stoneware firing deepend the colour in the iron oxide rich clay to achieve this rich maroon colour. High firing also strengthens ceramics.The painted patterning was achieved with black iron oxide. Signed underneath in full under belly.

Height 23 cm. X Length 31.5 cm. width 9cm.

  • Weight: 1.020 kg.

Additional information

Weight 1.020 kg
Dimensions 31.5 × 9 × 23 cm