Curious Foal


Ceramic Artist: Carol Hayward Fell


“Curious Foal”


The unglazed textured surface is inspired by the archeological finds of Ancient Greek and Roman Civilizations that one sees in museums, where centuries of ageing has softened the surfaces of ancient works of art. The colour is also connected to that of the sea, which forms an important inspiration for me as I can see the Indian Ocean from my home and the sea is associated with a lot of Greek art..

Foals are full of delightful energy; curious and playful.  The proportion of a foal is quite unlike that of an adult horse; with legs that go on forever and large heads on much shorter necks than adult horses; tiny cheeky tails and short manes…

Technical Information

Hand made and modelled in high fired stoneware and porcelain clay with incised patterning, filled with added stains and oxides. Once fired in an electric kiln to around 1220C.

Signed by me in full underneath belly.

Height: 31.5 cm. X  length 30 cm.X  width:11cm.

Weight: 2 kgs.


Additional information

Weight 2.075 kg
Dimensions 30 × 11 × 31.5 cm