Ceramic Artist: Carol Hayward Fell




Directly inspired by the ancient Minoan Octopus vases found on the island of Crete which are very wimsical and almost cartoon-like with the creature having wrapped itself around the round pot forms.

My octopus is intended to be almost comical and is spread out right across the plate, with the suggestion of energetic motion.


Hand made out of a slab of white stoneware clay and high fired to around 1220c.

The design was done by scraping and pressing objects into the clay surface. This was then painted over with thick oxide, allowed to dry and then scraped off, leaving the incised design full of oxide. Signed on the back in full.

Height 32 cm X length 31 cm X width 3cm

Weight: 1.3 kg



Additional information

Weight 1.500 kg
Dimensions 31 × 3 × 32 cm