Perlemoen tea set


Ceramic Artist: Gwyneth Gosling


Why a perlemoen tea set … I love perlemoen and our ocean and sadly these beauties are being poached and if nothing is done they will disappear.

I have used gost images of the spiny sea urchin shell on the handles as the baby perlemoen hide near them until they are big enough to fend for themselves. big perlemoen are found in the kelp beds.

This tea set gave me lots of joy in the making and I am very pleased with how it turned out … the texture, the barnicles, the colours I feel are a true representation of how I see the ocean.

it is made out of stoneware clay and fired to stoneware.

The dimensions are:

Tea pot height 16cm Width7.5cm Depth7cm

Sugar bowl Height 9cm diameter 11cm  Tea cup Height 6cm Diameter 9cm

Milk jug Height 10cm width 10cm depth 3.5cm