Picnic Cup


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Ceramic Artist: Gwyneth Gosling


Each ceramic cup is handcrafted individually by us with recycled local clay adorned with handmade felted sleeves. These Yunomi style cups are perfect for picnics in our awesome South African wide open spaces surrounded by our unspoilt beauty and nature.
We felt as ceramic artists that this unspoilt beauty we have needs to be preserved so we use green practices in our clay process. We recycle our clay endlessly until fired. The felt is made by us by hand from locally sourced wool and recycled fabric and threads. The idea of the felt is to prevent the cups in your picnic basket knocking together and if used with a warm beverage to protect your hand. The inspiration to make these cups was ….. Say NO to single use! Say NO to plastic!
Perfect for your local adventures. These are easy to pop into your bag and use at flea markets, picnics, mountain walks, road trips and beach visits for coffee, tea, juice, water etc.
Sold individually because each is a unique stoneware ceramic vessel. But made so they still work well together as a set if you require more than one.
Approximate Dimensions: Height between 10cm – 11cm. Diameter 9cm – 10cm.