Rock Cleaner


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Ceramic Artist: Lizeldi Loots Ceramics


This sculpture is part of my Graduate exhibition of 2019, the series entitled Natural Treasures beneath the Ocean Waves. (These artworks were all suspended from the gallery roof to represent the continual movement of ocean life in the ocean, while also highlighting the precariousness of coral reefs as a result of climate change)

It is entitled Rock Cleaner as it represents two mollusks’, called chitons, that are responsible for cleaning algae off rocks and coral reefs that maintain their health and reproduction (Yucatan 2017: 1-3).

This sculpture is created with stoneware clay and decorative glazes and oxides to mimic the natural earthy colors of ocean life. Available as a set of 2 or individually, thus price is R1000 each.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 cm