Bowl – Sweet-gum Pod


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Ceramic Artist: Rika Haasbroek Ceramics


Backstory – this piece was inspired by the Sweet Gum Tree that grows in my neighborhood. The pods reminded me of the illustrations of the C-19 virus that I’ve seen in the media, but I also loved the spherical pointy texture and its rich brown colours. It made me wonder if it doesn’t represent us humans as well. When we, or our lives are threatened we can become ‘pointy’, with sharp edges to our actions and reactions. Often unintended, but seldom meant to really hurt I’m sure. It also reminded me to be cognizant of that; to act and react with kindness and acknowledgment of that instead.

This bowl was crafted by hand using stoneware, and designed to be multi-functional. It has a textured, unglazed exterior with a gold lustred rim.

Dimensions: 20 cm in diameter x 14 cm in height | 850 g


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Weight 0.730 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 14 cm

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