“Zeus”- Ancient Greek Horse Looking Skywards


Ceramic Artist: Carol Hayward Fell


“Zeus” – Ancient Greek Horse Looking Skywards


This sculpture is inspired by all things Greek, reflecting my love of Ancient Greek and Minoan Art which I studied as part of my Fine Arts Degree.

Zeus was the sky and thunder god, who ruled as the king of the gods of Mount Olympus. My horse is the  colour of the Aegean Sea and I would like to think that it resembles those ancient artifacts found in museums and connected to the Aegean by the way in which the sea wears away pitted texture into once-smooth sculptures over centuries. The simplicity of the shape is also characteristic of early Ancient Art, especiall that of the Minoans whose love of marine wildlife and animals in general, is seen in the amazing frescoes in the Palace of Knossos on the Island of Crete. The simplified patterning on the dramatic tail of my horse, is inspired by the simplicity of Geometric Style, Ancient Greek Vase Painting. Tall burial amphora, over a meter high, are in the National Museum in Athens.


Hand made high-fired terra-cotta clay, with turquoise stained porcelain slip and incised texture. Terra cotta clay is a clay high in red iron content and is usually associated with  earthenware (low fired) plant containers. By firing to a much higher temperature of around 1220°c, not only does the clay become stronger as it becomes “stoneware”, but the red iron oxide in the clay deepens in colour as the oxide melts. I love this rich deep colour and it works well on my sculptures.

This high stoneware firing deepend the colour in the iron oxide rich clay to achieve this rich maroon colour. High firing also strengthens ceramics.

Unglazed and once fired to around 1220 c. Signed in full by me underneath the belly.

Height: 33 cm. X Length: 34 cm. x width 12 cm.

Weight: 2 kgs.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 12 × 33 cm