“Minoan Horse with Octopus”


Ceramic Artist: Carol Hayward Fell


“Minoan Horse with Octopus”


I have always been inspired by the art of ancient civilizations since studying Classical Civilizations as part of my Fine Art Degree.

This whimsical dreamlike image of a horse with a friendly octopus on its back, is inspired particularly by Minoan Art. The ancient people of the island of Crete produced amazing frescoes showing their delight in animals and the creatures in the sea. One of my favourite works  has  always been the the iconic Octopus Vase seen in the museum. The octopus has an almost comical expression in his eyes and I have tried to capture this in mine too.  I drew on this happy image and combined it with the shape of horses from Ancient Greek, especially the heads of those in the Panathenaic Freeze.  The movement in the shoals of fish swimming all over the horse’s body are also inspired by Minoan frescoes from the Palace of Knossos.



Hand made stoneware ceramic sculpture modelled out of stoneware and porcelain clay. Incised  and carved details. Other detail trailed with syringe using liquid porcelain clay. Unglazed and high fired Porcelain surface. Signed in full by me underneath the belly.

Height: 31 cm. X Length: 36 cm. X Width: 14 cm.

Weight: 2.5 kgs.


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 14 × 31 cm