Esra Bosch’s career as a ceramist began in 1985 when she joined her late father, celebrated master potter Esias Bosch, and her brother, distinguished potter Anton Bosch, at the Bosch Studio near White River in the Mpumalanga Lowveld.

The well-known Bosch Studio, built on a rocky outcrop with a view across to the mountains of Swaziland, was established in 1961 by her father, and this is where Esra still works and where visitors go to view her ceramics.

Esra’s artistic training was supervised by her father and from him she learnt the basic skills of ceramics. “The scent of clay, the sensation of clay, the thud of clay being thrown onto a wheel, the clear sound of two fired pots, fresh from the kiln, softly knocking against each other. The language of clay which my parents, Esias and Valerie Bosch, shared with me since my birth in 1951. These are the impressions which my memories are made of,” Esra reminisces.

Esra’s work has developed over the years into a range of ceramics with a distinctive style. She produces striking individual pieces, vases, oil lamps, tiles and a substantial range of functional ware such as platters, bowls and dishes. Her ceramics are bold, contemporary and aesthetically pleasing. Her work is sought after for its excellent decorator skills, flair for colour and an impressive sense of pattern.

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